Farm to dinner table



what we eat matters.

Chemicals. Additives. Manufactured. GMO. These are not the words you want associated with your meat. Here at Windemere Farms, we think that when it comes to food, the old ways were better. Naturally grown, from a family owned farm, raised through hard work. Food made the old fashioned way. We raise our farm animals in the fresh air and sunshine on pasture grasses and non-GMO grain.

There are many health benefits to pasture raised, grass-fed beef. We have perfected a process over the years to bring you healthy beef with great tasting, juicy flavor.

But you don't have to live the farming lifestyle to eat like you do. We love growing delicious food that contributes to our family’s wellness and that we can pass on to you.  We offer great tasting beef that you can be confident in feeding to your family. Please browse our site to learn about Windemere Farm and what products we have currently available


Healthy family meals

Celebrate, eat and be healthy!